Posts New Website!

New Website!

Hello world!

So I’ve decided it’s time for a website refresh as my old site was getting hard to maintain… mainly because I deleted the source code for it sigh.

I’m using Jekyll which is a static site generator and makes it really easy for lazy people like me to create personal blogs. I’m also using the theme chirpy which makes life so easy when it comes to updating my website.

So future plans for the site is that I would like to post more of my learnings and just general ramblings, oh also if you are looking for my old posts, I’m going to put them in an archive somewhere TBD.

I’m typing this out in VIM which is a joy of it’s own, i’m trying to learn it so people will stop judging me for using Nano haha.

Anyway, first post done.

CTRL -x “How do I get out of this damn VIM”

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