Posts Azure Certified and Learning Ansible

Azure Certified and Learning Ansible

After a few weeks of off and on study with Azure I attended an online Azure training course which gave an AZ-900 exam voucher so I pretty much put my Azure knowledge to the test and booked it in the next day. I was happy to pass, but it was only 29 questions and I needed 70% too pass, not much room for error there.

If you would like to see my cert you can see it here.

I also completed an online course on Linux Academy on Ansible.

I’ve been reading up on it and since I’ve been learning Terraform, Ansible makes a lot of sense to me now. If you don’t know what Ansible is, it’s apparently called a “application-deployment tool” and in a nutshell that means you can use it to configure a lot of servers at once.

The course got me to deploy three servers in AWS and then configure one as an Apache load balancer and the other two as backend Apache webservers. Once it’s all setup you can get all of that setup and running in a matter of minutes using AWS CloudFormation and Ansible.

If you want to see the Ansible repo I made you can find it here.

The repo doesn’t really show the correct file structure you use with Ansible, such as using Roles but it explained the basics on how everything worked.

I’ll do a full brain dump on Ansible on the weekend.

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