Learning to Code with ChatGPT

Nick Wilkinson 2 min read
Learning to Code with ChatGPT
Photo by Rolf van Root / Unsplash

During the holidays I have had some down time and I have decided to dive deeper into my journey of learning to program. My normal way of learning if by building projects and just playing around, so that’s exactly what I have been doing but this time around I have had some extra help.

I am currently building a platform where I can log transactions so I can keep track of what’s going on and how much has been spent, I am doing this as I don’t really like the current software that is out there, it’s too bulky and cluttered, so I decided to build my own with the help of ChatGPT.

Oh and just a side note, I have no idea how to use Django.

The first question I asked was;

“I am wanting to build a dashboard in Python Django to track american express transactions, what model will I need?”

A model in Django is like a way to declaring data types (which chatGPT taught me) and ChatGPT then proceeded to give me the results I was after.

Once I had created this model in my project, I then asked the simple question, what’s next?

ChatGPT then proceeded to walk me through the steps required and bit by bit my project was being built, but I am also learning while doing so, if I don’t understand why something is done the way it is, I ask and ChatGPT will let me know.

So far it has allowed me to build a platform I was after, below are the results so far.



Create Transaction

All of the above code was all created by ChatGPT and I was just the one throwing the ideas at it. Each time I got an idea, like “Hey, can you add a delete button next to each transaction, it would then go off and tell me how to do so.

The best thing was, I didn’t need to search around on Google if I got stuck, I just asked ChatGPT directly, and then I was guided on how to fix it.

This is really awesome and has been a great way for me to learn and jump right into the deep end, instead of reading documentation on documentation before doing anything.



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