My Azure DevOps Terraform Pipeline

Nick Wilkinson 1 min read
My Azure DevOps Terraform Pipeline
Photo by Mikhail Fesenko / Unsplash

When it comes to deploying Terraform via Pipelines your choices are almost limitless, you can go about it in so many ways, I personally have been deploying a lot of work based projects via Azure DevOps which has led me to also use it for personal projects.

Pipeline Setup

The pipeline setup I use is pretty basic and I won’t go into the weeds of the yaml file etc, but I will cover what it’s doing and how I deploy it.

The Process

So as you can see from the diagram above, it’s a rather simple concept. Work is done on the feature branch then pushed to Azure DevOps, the Terraform pipeline it run to check it’s correct and working and then a PR is raised to merge it into the main branch.

When this PR is raised, the Infracost pipeline is triggered which this will show you the estimated cost changes

Once the PR is approved, the full pipeline can be deployed, which looks like this.

Final notes

This is a pretty high level view on how I am deploying Terraform + Infracost with Azure DevOps and I aim to do a walkthrough on the actual pipeline files, but I’m looking to make it a bit more simple first before I do that.



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