VMware Lab 23: Using vSphere Update Manager

In this lab we will; Install vSphere Update Manager Server Install vSphere Update Manager Client Modify the Cluster Settings Configure vSphere Update Manager Create a Patch Baseline Attach a Baseline and Scan for Updates Stage the Patches onto the ESXi Hosts Remediate the ESXi Hosts Task 1: Install the vSphere Update Manager Server For this, […]

NetApp Lab 2

This lab is an evidence blog for the NetApp Labs and in no way a tutorial.  Excersice 9: Configuring Storage for SAN Clients Task 1: Allow ISCSi on the SVM First, we need to go into Cluster 1 Then we need to edit the svm1 to enable ISCSi Task 2: Create an ISCSI Data LIF […]

NetApp Lab 1

This blog is just an evidence log of each task throughout the NetApp course, this is not a how-to guide is anyway. Task 1: Ensure Connectivity To Your Data ONTAP Cluster Task 2: Synchronize system time for Windows domains. Task 3: Ensure that required license codes are installed on storage systems. Task 4: Add DNS host […]

VMWare Lab 22: Implementing a vSphere DRS Cluster

In this lab we will cover; Create a load imbalance Create a vSphere DRS Cluster Verify proper vSphere DRS Cluster Functionality Create, Test, and Disable a VM-VM Affinity Rule Create, Test, and Disable an Anti-Affinity Rule Create, Test, and Disable a VM-Host Affinity Rule Task 1: Create a Load Imbalance  To do this we need […]

VMware Lab 21: Using vSphere HA

  IIn this lab, we will do a number of tasks. Create a cluster Enabled for vSphere HA Add an ESXi host to a cluster Test vSphere HA Functionality View the vSphere HA Cluster Resource Usage Manage vSphere HA Slot Size Configure a vSphere HA Cluster with Strict Admission Control Task 1: Create a Cluster-Enabled for […]

VMware Lab 19: Using Alarms

In this lab, we will create a VM Alarm and monitor a Condition, create a VM Alarm to Monitor and Event, Trigger VM Alarms and Acknowledge the Alarms and Disable VM Alarms. Task1: Create a VM Alarm to Monitor a Condition. We can do this, by selecting nw01-2 and going to alarms then new alarm the […]

VMware Lab 18: Monitoring VM Performance

In this lab, we will create a CPU Workload, use performance charts to monitor CPU utilization and undo changes made to the VMs Task 1: Create CPU Workload For this, I need to run cpubusy on both nw01-2 and nw01-3. Task 2: Use Performance Charts to Monitor CPU Utilization  For this, we need to click on […]

VMware Lab 16: Managing vApps

In this lab, we will create a vApp, Power on a vApp Task 1: Create a vApp Before we can attempt anything we need to power off the two VM’s. Now we can go into vApps and click ‘Create a New vApp’ and follow the setup. Now we can find out app listed under hosts […]

VMware Lab 15: Managing Virtual Machines

In this lab, we will be performing the following. Unregister a VM from VCSA Register a VM in VCSA Take a snapshot of a VM Revert a Snapshot Delete an individual snapshot Use the Delete All Function in Snapshot Manager Task 1: Unregister a VM from VSCA Inventory For this, I need to power down nw01-4 […]