What is Ontology and Epistemology and How is It Relevant to Research?

This blog post is for my Research class, where I need to explain ‘What is Ontology and Epistemology and How is It Relevant to Research?’ Epistemology is the type of relationship the researcher has with the research. Ontology is how the researcher sees the truth,┬áSo in short, your Ontology dictates your Epistemology, which dictates your […]


GeoNet is a New Zealand business that monitors geological hazards and providing real-time alerts during earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. In 2010 there was a major 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch when this happened GeoNet had a manual notification system that they used the fastest they could get notifications out was nine minutes and if they […]

Yellow New Zealand and AWS

In 2015 Yellow was part of the cloud boom that was happening in 2015 involving businesses moving from local infrastructure to the cloud. Yellow compared many cloud providers to see who can provide them with the service they were looking for, they were looking for a company that automates their IT, use self-service features and […]

AWS IoT Button Setup (Dash)

Hi! In this blog, I will be playing with the Amazon IoT Button, let’s get going. So the first step I have to go to the AWS website and follow a Lambda Blue Print Wizard I then enter in the IoT Type and the Device Serial Number and download the keys for this device. After […]