Back to Linux Mint

After many months of using Arch Linux, I have finally decided to switch back to Linux Mint. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you about my experience. I moved to Arch Linux because I loved the fact of installing everything yourself and the system you have is the one you created, but I soon […]

Linux Mint: My 5 Main Apps

Google Chrome Google Chrome is a great overall web browser and has a one up when to comes to casting Youtube videos to your TV. [ecko_button color=”blue” size=”normal” url=””]Download Google Chrome[/ecko_button] Plank Plank is a great tool which is similar to the MacOS Dock, and can really make using shortcuts fast and modern looking.   [ecko_quote […]

Why I Prefer Linux Over Windows

I always get asked why I use Linux on my laptop instead of Windows, and in this blog, I will cover my main reason. Updates One of the biggest reason I dislike Windows is the forced updates. I think most people can agree that at least one time a Windows update broke some form of their […]

Wireless Card Issue Resolved!

So if you have been following along with my Blogs, you will know that since buying my Laptop I have had wireless issues with any Linux Distro. After several attempts to install drivers for my card, which was a Realtek wireless card and asking Reddit and other forums nothing had actually fixed the issue, so […]

Why Do Most People Dislike Linux?

People use their computer for different reasons, be that office work, gaming, video editing or just internet browsing. People want something that will fill all their needs in one go, and that’s where the issue is with Linux, and I have had the same issue myself and that is I find it specific to a […]

Sad Days, Windows Revisited.

So it happened… I made the switch back to Windows, and before you start throwing rocks at me, let me explain. I have spent a few months now using Linux full time, at it started off great and I was really enjoying it, but then it finally hit me. I think the best way to […]