Peer Reviewed Articles: Cloud Computing

In this blog, I will review two peer-reviewed journals. The first is Security Threats in Cloud Computing. The problem discussed in Cloud Computing is how the customer’s information must always be safe and secure, the journal also explains that Service providers must assure the availability and reliability of services to the consumers available anytime, anywhere using internet, plus […]

Research Methods: Week four blog

Beyond the Data Deluge Main Points Reading the document which is on a category that I don’t really follow, I have come to understand what is being discussed. As research is progressing with time so is the amount of data we get back from this research . As said in the excerpt by Hey and Trefethen […]

Reproducible Research

What is reproducible research? When a researcher creates a paper they will document what they used and how they created their research, this then can be submitted for a review. For a paper to be accepted the research needs to be reproducible, and this is done by following what the researchers have done, word for word […]

What is Ontology and Epistemology and How is It Relevant to Research?

This blog post is for my Research class, where I need to explain ‘What is Ontology and Epistemology and How is It Relevant to Research?’ Epistemology is the type of relationship the researcher has with the research. Ontology is how the researcher sees the truth, So in short, your Ontology dictates your Epistemology, which dictates your […]

What is ‘good research process’?

This blog post is directed towards my Research Methods paper within my degree. “Good Research Process” A good research process is one that contains a number of steps that helps the ‘researcher’ set up their initial research proposal with a strong foundation. What do I mean by that? Think of it has a recipe, that if […]