Online Safety and Privacy

When it comes to Online Safety and Privacy on the internet, everyone has their own idea about what that really is. When it comes to social media a lot of people fail to realize how open and public their profiles are by default, and the information they are giving to the world. By default Facebook users posts, […]

Why Do Most People Dislike Linux?

People use their computer for different reasons, be that office work, gaming, video editing or just internet browsing. People want something that will fill all their needs in one go, and that’s where the issue is with Linux, and I have had the same issue myself and that is I find it specific to a […]

NetApp Self-Paced Lab One

For Networking we need to complete the self-paced lab about clustered storage, the thing was that the lab was timed and blogging about something while it’s timed is a bit too much to ask,m but I’ll still discuss how I found it. So the whole point of this assignment was to get a feel for building Storage Virtual […]

Install Retro Pie On Mint/Ubuntu/Debian

Finding it hard to track down all the old retro gaming systems to play the classics? Now you can have them all in one place! Follow the instructions below to install Retro Pie; Update and upgrade the existing APT packages: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade Install the RetroPie packages for the script: sudo […]

Sad Days, Windows Revisited.

So it happened… I made the switch back to Windows, and before you start throwing rocks at me, let me explain. I have spent a few months now using Linux full time, at it started off great and I was really enjoying it, but then it finally hit me. I think the best way to […]

Install Nvidia Drivers on Linux

So you have just installed Linux and you want to make sure everything is working? I have a few steps to make sure your GPU is in full use. First I install Screenfetch in the terminal sudo apt install screenfetch Then type screenfetch in the terminal and the output will look like this Now check […]

Software I Use For Study

When you first move to Linux from Windows the first thing you realise is how much you depended on Microsoft products, in my case their office suite. Moving to Linux I had to find out the best software for me and my studies and this is what I will be using coming into my second […]