Working Over The Summer

So I’m on summer break and I was working at EB games for a month over the Christmas period, and during that time I got a call from the NMDHB (Nelson Marlborough District Health Board). I applied for a job there October last year and I got a call to start mid-January, I was over […]

Good Bye Mint, Hello Arch

So you may know I have been a user of Linux Mint, but I feel like I have grown a bit too big for this distro so I decided Arch! I downloaded the distro and booted in on my laptop and several failed installs later I had Arch installed. Arch really is an amazing distro […]

Linux Mint: My 5 Main Apps

Google Chrome Google Chrome is a great overall web browser and has a one up when to comes to casting Youtube videos to your TV. [ecko_button color=”blue” size=”normal” url=””]Download Google Chrome[/ecko_button] Plank Plank is a great tool which is similar to the MacOS Dock, and can really make using shortcuts fast and modern looking.   [ecko_quote […]

My Thoughts: ASUS X550JX

So I’ve had my X550JX now for nearly three years now and it’s being a trusty companion, but there has been a few issues. Before I start rambling on about the pros and cons let me give a little description of my machine. Processor Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ Processor, Intel® Core™ i5 4200H Processor, Operating […]

Making My First Python Program For Linux

What I love about Linux Mint is how easy it is to install software for example like Spotify, go to their site, install the keys, update your repo and install the software but I wanted to make it easier. So I’ve started to create my first python program, which I call the ‘Techdox Package Installer’. […]

How To Find That Perfect VPN

If you are like me, you are always looking for that one VPN that does not share your logs and is a good price. A lot of people spend hours searching Google and researching VPNs, but what if I told you someone has already done the research for you? Let me introduce you all to […]

Why I Prefer Linux Over Windows

I always get asked why I use Linux on my laptop instead of Windows, and in this blog, I will cover my main reason. Updates One of the biggest reason I dislike Windows is the forced updates. I think most people can agree that at least one time a Windows update broke some form of their […]

Wireless Card Issue Resolved!

So if you have been following along with my Blogs, you will know that since buying my Laptop I have had wireless issues with any Linux Distro. After several attempts to install drivers for my card, which was a Realtek wireless card and asking Reddit and other forums nothing had actually fixed the issue, so […]