Introduction to AWS CloudFormation

In this lab I will learn what CloudFormation does and how it works, I want to learn this as I am already running my own website and it has Stacks created already and I want to know how to use them. Create a Stack I will now create a stack using an AWS Template. I […]

Introduction to Amazon CloudFront

In this lab, I will be storing a picture into a public S3 bucket that can be accessed by others. Storing a publicly accessible image file in an Amazon S3 Bucket First I need to create an S3 Bucket and make it public Now I need to upload an image to my newly created bucket. […]

Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing

In this lab, I will be creating Elastic Load Balancing. This is where traffic is spread out over multiple instances. Creating an Elastic Load Balancer This is done is the EC2 Service. I then go into the Load Balancers tab and select create new load balancer, I select classic load balancer. I encountered an issue […]

Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB

In this lab, I will create a simple table in Amazon DynamoDB to store information about a music Libary. Creating a New Table Creating a new table in done in the DynamoDB service. I then create a table based on the lab requirements Adding and Modifying Table Data In this part, I will be adding¬†data […]

Introduction to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

In this lab, I will be creating an Elastic Block Store. An EBS is a block-level storage that is used with AWS instances which are automatically replicated within its zone to protect from data loss. Creating an Elastic Block Store¬†Volume For this, I need to be in the EC2 service and find the tab Volumes. […]

Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Create an Amazon Linux Instance from an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) In this lab, I need to create a Linux Instance This is done in the EC2 Service. The requirements for this was that port 22 was open and a Key Pair was created (I have one I prepared earlier) Connecting to the Amazon EC2 […]