End of the Year

The Second Year Done and Dusted My second year of my IT degree is done and dusted, and I really enjoyed it and I will explain why. So this year is the year I believeĀ I learned some key skills, not just in IT but also personal skills, which I will take with me from this […]

Linux Smartphone?

KDE and Purism are partnering up to make a new smartphone that is going by the name of Librem 5. The smartphone is expected to be using the Gnome or the KDE environment. The issue with creating a new smartphone is that the marketplace is already dominated by Android and Apple. Linux smartphones are nothing […]

Arch Linux and Architect

Linux users who have spent even a short amount of time in the community will know of Arch Linux, and distros built from Arch but what about people who are new to Linux? In this blog, I will discuss what Arch Linux is and the pros and cons for new users vs using Architect Arch […]

Solus First Impressions

Following the release of my video, which I gave my first impressions of Solus, I thought I would write-up a quick blog about what I found in detail. Solus is a Linux distribution that has received a fair bit of attention because of its ease of use, so I decided to give my first impressions […]

Free Linux Course

Wanting to learn Linux but you don’t know where to start? Cisco Networking Acadamy offers a free Linux Essentials course that I highly recommend, I have also completed this course myself. It starts as if you know nothing about Linux and slowly takes you through each stage of Linux, from scripting and using the terminal, […]

Paypal Email Scam

Recently I have been getting Fraud emails from Paypal that will tell you a payment has been declined or similer, and that you need to fill out a form for them to fix it. This form wants to know your Debit card infomation etc, I know this would set alarms off for most tech users […]