Cloudformation Changes

For me to get higher marks I need to optimise my script and do something that could be counted as an extra feature, so I wanted to add a VPN to my system. Turned out I could not RDP into my server and it turned out my Routes needed to be pointing to instead […]

CLoudformation success

IT WORKS! My cloudformation worked! From the above pictures, you can see the cloud formation running and creating the objects correctly. I faced a lot of issues which are listed below. Too many routes being created that were not needed for a number of gateways that existed. Pre-existing objects were trying to relate to objects […]

Cloudformer status

So I have had some good luck with my template, but I’ll list the issues I have had. At the start when you run cloud former against your structure it does not give you specific names, so how are you suppose to know what route belongs to what VPC etc. Lucky for me I have […]

Running Cloudformer

I have now created my resources from the AD-DS template and now I’m going to run cloudformer against it to get a template that I can optimise. I start by creating a new stack and choosing CloudFormer. I’ll give it a name and password and username. I then created the stack and wait for it […]

ADDS Script Completed

I have successfully run the scenario three templates and it has created all the resources without a hitch. The reason I have run the template is that the initial template relies on so many other templates to create its self it makes it very difficult to be able to see exactly what it created so […]

AWS Cloud Quick Start – in progress

In this assignment my goal is to create an Active Directory Domain Service running via cloud formation of a specific infrastructure. I start this by following a quick start guide on AWS which is laid out in a series on steps. Clicking ‘Launch for new VPC’ takes me to the create a stack screen 2. […]