Final Billing Report and Overview

This blog is my final report on my budgeting and alarms and coming right up to my final hand it I get this beautiful¬†alarm! That alarm is letting me know that I am actually spending money! It’s from my old account and I quickly went over to the account and checked what was being charged […]

Billing for 02/06/17

My billing for May was $4.12 I also have a budegt set for $30.00 but as I am just running stacks. There was not much else with bills, if I left the stacks on the bills would increase but at this stage, I am stopping the stacks under an hour.

Budget for new Account

I set a budget for my cloud formation on my new account so I could make sure I would never go over my budget. I set it to warn me when it’s estimated to go over 50% of the budget.

Billing Report: 28/05/2017

I have moved to my new AWS account as my other one has now expired from its free tier. This account has only ever run its free tier and the bills that I have are from simply running Cloud Formation stacks, so the only bill I have received as of this date is $1.98 for […]

How I setup my AWS Budget

I have seen people create multiple budgets to manage EC2 instances, I don’t do that. For my budget I create one and have that manage multiple services as per the picture below. As you can see I have filters to watch out for specfic services, and these services are the only ones that I am […]

08/05/17 Bills

As of the the 8th of May my current bill stands at $0.84 Elastic Compute Cloud $0.12 Key Management Service $0.22 Route 53 $0.50 My current budget for this month is also doing very well. My budget is set to send me emails when it’s estimated to go over budget as well.

April’s Bill and New Budget

April is over and hello May! My total costs for April was $57.86 a bit less than the estimated $120.00 that was forcasted because of my loadbalancer. I have now set a new monthly budget; This budget is set at $20.00 and will email me when it is forcasted to go over it’s $20.00 budget. […]

AWS Infrastructure Optimisation

How does one optimise their infrastructure in AWS you may ask, well… I have made a little ‘Techdox Rules for AWS” it’s all pretty basic, but when someone new see’s all this processing power sometimes they can’t contain themselves. (GUILTY!) Sit down and think of exactly your infrastructure is going to need in terms of […]

Billing 22 April

This billing report is a bit concerning, my latest forecast shows $172.40 Elastic Compute Cloud $22.04 Key Management Service $0.71 RDS Service $7.02 Route 53 $0.51 The load balancer is spending $22.00 so I am going to switch it off for the time being.