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Welcome to my very first post! It might be the first post you have ever seen on this site, but to me I have deleted and recreated so many blog sites I have lost count.

I use to use Wordpress as my blog, but I didn’t really enjoy it and it was a bit over the top for what I was using it for. Then recently during a Terraform course I was doing, part of the example was to spin up a Ghost blog via Docker.

Being a long time blog builder and a long time blog procrastinator this sparked my interest, and now look where we are!

What can you expect to see from this blog?

I’m a Cloud Engineer by day and night, so expect to see things around Cloud technologies and automation.

If you are interested this is hosted on Digital Ocean.


Hi, my name is Nicholas Wilkinson. I am a Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect and Linux Nerd.