D57 #100DaysOfCode

Learning Django is going great. I actually feel like I’m understanding what is being taught, and how to interact with it.

So I don’t think I really explained what Django is in my last blog so let me do the best I can to explain it.

Django is somewhat like Flask in terms of offering a solution to create web applications in Python, so like creating a website but instead of being all HTML and CSS it’s all tied together using Python instead.

The main reason I wanted to do this is to be able to create a website and to put my current Python skills to the test, and so far I haven’t hit any roadblocks yet.

So I’ve been following an 8 hour Youtube video on Django, I know I mentioned before that videos were difficult to follow, etc, but this one is great and I mainly use it to verify or clarify things if the documentation doesn’t do it.

django video

So what I’ve created so far is a Polls page that has questions and answers which was part of the guide. I also created another page to just test my knowledge which worked out well.

Django out of the box has a pre-built Admin portal that lets you access your pages and make changes etc, I demo this below.

Also if you’re keen to see my repo you can find it below;


Also here is a little GIF of my current site in action, it pretty much just goes through the admin portal and what I’ve created.


Written on November 16, 2019