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Why do I use Linux, and why do I encourage others to give it a try?

My experience with Linux kicked in during my student years while I was studying my degree in IT, and when I was studying I started to think for myself and I wanted to try different things and challenge that ‘normal way of doing things’.

Why should I have to use this operating system? why do I have to use this specific software? I wanted to explore and see what else was out there, and that’s when I stumbled on not only Linux but Free and Open Source software.

It started one night when I was sitting at my computer, wondering what to do, and then my brain sort of clicked over and I thought to myself ‘I should try run Linux full time’ now I should mention that I have had experience with Linux before, but never used it full time.

I got this massive spike of motivation and I grabbed my 4GB USB stick from out of my draw, googled ‘Linux Mint Download’ (I knew this was a good starting distro) copied Mint to my USB and booted into it.

I started the installer and looked at the message saying ‘This will remove all partitions and remove all data’ I took a deep breath and click ‘Ok’ and what happened next changed my view on software and operating systems completely.

I knew that Adobe, and Microsoft Office wasn’t supported but I soon discovered other FOSS (Free and opensource-software) alternatives, like Gimp for Photoshop and LibreOffice to replace Microsoft Office.

I would be lying if the transition was easy, and I would also be lying if I said I never went back to Windows, because it was definitely a battle convincing myself not to use Windows, but I soon said to myself “Why do you want to use Linux?’

  • It’s fun and you can make it yours
  • It’s not locked down, and you know everything about your system
  • I am wanting to explain to people why FOSS is fantastic, and supporting the little people feels 100x better than giving money to a multi billion dollar corporation.
  • Finally, the feeling of getting someone to try Linux and then to find out that they love it, is the best feeling.

I remember being in class and everyone was starting up their laptops and majority of them were Windows and maybe one or two Macs but I was the only Linux user, and the best thing about in an IT degree is that everyone was intrigued about what I was using and I gladly explained to them about Linux.

A long story short by the end of the year I had all my friends trying Linux and I know that three of them are still using it to this date.

Again my blogs are just me rambling and maybe not even making sense, but again this is my little piece of the internet where I like to leave my thoughts, if you liked reading it that’s a massive bonus!