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Anyone who knows me, knows I just jump right into what I want to say which is what I’m going to do here.

When I was completing my degree we had to blog pretty much every part of it, this was to show proof of work to tutors and to help reinforce what we learnt, which makes sense, but damn did a lot of students hate doing it but for some reason I loved doing it.

The idea of being able to empty my brain into my own little piece of the internet and share that with others just excites me, and there have been a couple of things that have happened that have made me go, damn some of this stuff helps people.

I was a infrastructure major and this involved a lot of practical work, and when I was blogging I made sure to blog and make videos every step I took as I did it, mainly so I could come back to it and see what I had done because my memory is terrible.

I then found that other students were watching my videos and reading my blogs to help them get through the tricky parts, and the feeling of being able to help my peers gave me a good feeling or something like that haha! Now don’t get me wrong I did get asked questions in class on how I did something but sometimes it was easier for me to be like “Have you looked at this blog post?”

I soon found myself blogging about non course related material, which was mainly focused around Linux (and still is) because it interested me and I wanted to spread my knowledge of it and my experience onto others in the most simplest form, without over complicating things, in a way I write like I speak, and I find that to be the easiest way to do it.

Now let’s fast forward a bit.

I now have created a website dedicated to learning Linux called (Should check it out!) as well as created many videos on tech and Linux, and the whole idea of this is to just empty my brain and store it away in this little area of the internet. Now if someone comes along and goes damn I really enjoyed reading / watching that, well that’s just a massive bonus!

Now I do have this kind of a dream to be able to reach a bigger audience and share my techy knowledge onto others wishing to learn it, or who are just interested but I’m pretty slack with the whole being consistent thing but i’m trying to get better.

Now if you have made it this far I would really appreciate it if you left a comment saying anything, it always feels better when I feel like i’m actually speaking to someone, sad I know haha.

Also if this just sounded like a big ramble, welcome to my blogs, terrible grammar and random rambles is my thing.

Anyway, welcome to my little piece of the internet and thanks for checking it out.