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Month: February 2019

Why Do I Use Linux?

Why do I use Linux, and why do I encourage others to give it a try? My experience with Linux kicked in during my student years while I was studying my degree in IT, and when I was studying I started to think for myself and I wanted to try different things and challenge that ‘normal way of doing things’. Why should I have to use this operating system? why do I have to use this specific software? I wanted to explore and see what else was out there, and that’s when I stumbled on not only Linux but...

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Python Day 1: While

For my first day, I decided to have a refresher on while statements as I already have some what of a basic knowledge of Python, but I tend to stop using it for awhile and then the simple parts of code I tend to forget. Anyway, today I created a while loop that adds names to a list and once the list reaches a certain count it will state that the list is now full. Basic I know, but I needed to refresh myself on them. L = [] while len(L) < 3: new_name = input("Please add a new...

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Why I Blog And Make Videos

Anyone who knows me, knows I just jump right into what I want to say which is what I’m going to do here. When I was completing my degree we had to blog pretty much every part of it, this was to show proof of work to tutors and to help reinforce what we learnt, which makes sense, but damn did a lot of students hate doing it but for some reason I loved doing it. The idea of being able to empty my brain into my own little piece of the internet and share that with others just...

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