Microsoft Starts Using Linux For IoT?!

So you might be aware of when the latest CEO of Microsoft said “Microsoft loves Linux”

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Well they finally announced that they built their own custom Linux kernel for their latest IoT service which is running a software/hardware stack called Azure Sphere which is made from Linux, the reason they used Linux is because their Windows build is just too big to be running on an IoT device, and everyone knows Linux is as lightweight as you are going to get. If you are interested in reading more about Azure Stack here is Microsofts blog about it. “”

Personally, I think it’s great Microsoft realise how much they need Linux, but damn I hope they don’t try to buy into it and do something stupid like buying Canonical or something…

Post Author: Nicholas Wilkinson

I am a 3rd year Networking Major in my IT BIT degree. I have a passion for Cloud Computing and IOT devices.

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