Reproducible Research

What is reproducible research?

When a researcher creates a paper they will document what they used and how they created their research, this then can be submitted for a review.

For a paper to be accepted the research needs to be reproducible, and this is done by following what the researchers have done, word for word to get their results. If the outcome is the exact same then their research is reproducible.

Why is it necessary?

Reproducible research is necessary to prove that the researcher’s project is indeed true, otherwise, if it can’t be reproduced following their steps then it can not actually be true. Having a paper that shows how to reproduce an experiment is crucial for not only understanding the research but also to be able to reproduce the research and look for improvements.

What’s required?

When you are wanting to reproduce someone’s research you need to make sure you are in the exact same testing environment to remove any possibility of contamination or conflicts (Depends what you are trying to reproduce eg. an experiment with chemicals or a computer program) For an example.

If you were to follow someone’s experiment (I am no way a scientist so don’t take this example to hard) you would want to make sure you are using the exact same chemicals, as well as the same tools they used within the same environment. Contamination can be the end all for reproducible research, hence why it needs to be followed exactly.



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