Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great overall web browser and has a one up when to comes to casting Youtube videos to your TV.

[ecko_button color=”blue” size=”normal” url=””]Download Google Chrome[/ecko_button]


Plank is a great tool which is similar to the MacOS Dock, and can really make using shortcuts fast and modern looking.


[ecko_quote source=””]sudo apt install plank[/ecko_quote]


Discord is a great freeware VOIP not just for gamers. Discord now offers video calling and aims to top Skype.

[ecko_button color=”blue” size=”normal” url=””]Download Discord[/ecko_button]



Shutter is a screenshot tool that can be considered an alternative to ShareX.

[ecko_quote source=””]sudo apt install shutter[/ecko_quote]


Timeshift is a great backup tool that is essential to have. You can set auto backup as forget about it and sit easy knowing you are protected.

If you are running Mint 18.3 you can download it straight away with

[ecko_quote source=””]sudo apt install timeshift[/ecko_quote]


[ecko_quote source=””]sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install timeshift[/ecko_quote]


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