Why I Prefer Linux Over Windows

I always get asked why I use Linux on my laptop instead of Windows, and in this blog, I will cover my main reason.

  1. Updates

One of the biggest reason I dislike Windows is the forced updates. I think most people can agree that at least one time a Windows update broke some form of their OS, I almost always have issues every update.

Linux, on the other hand, has updates that I can choose to install, as well as updated kernels let me show you.


Here I can choose to update not just my OS but also my programs installed on my OS all in one menu since they are all in my repositories. I can also manage the level of risk of my updates so that I can only install updates that will not have any risk to my OS.

You would think that an OS that I paid for would give me more control over it if I wanted it, but instead, you get forced to update, and if you push them off for too long it will just do it by itself.

Image result for windows forced update

I just feel like I have no control over my devices when I use Windows compared to Linux and it really is quite sad, as it seems every update from Windows they are stripping more and more from the user.

So that my friends is why I use Linux.

Post Author: Nicholas Wilkinson

I am a 3rd year Networking Major in my IT BIT degree. I have a passion for Cloud Computing and IOT devices.

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