Wireless Card Issue Resolved!

So if you have been following along with my Blogs, you will know that since buying my Laptop I have had wireless issues with any Linux Distro.

After several attempts to install drivers for my card, which was a Realtek wireless card and asking Reddit and other forums nothing had actually fixed the issue, so I bit the bullet and bought an Intel wireless card which turned up the other day. I then started the scary process of removing all my screws from my laptop to get to my wireless card (I only broke one clip) I pulled it out, slotted in the new one and walah!

Then there was the moment of truth… I opened up Ubuntu (I had to remove Mint since I was having issues, I will go back though) and started my ping and it was fine, then I started my youtube playlist and let it play for the day, and what do you know it’s fixed!

So after all the headache I could have just installed done this ages ago, oh well lessons learned and knowledge was gained.

Post Author: Nicholas Wilkinson

I am a 3rd year Networking Major in my IT BIT degree. I have a passion for Cloud Computing and IOT devices.

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