VMware Lab 19: Using Alarms

In this lab, we will create a VM Alarm and monitor a Condition, create a VM Alarm to Monitor and Event, Trigger VM Alarms and Acknowledge the Alarms and Disable VM Alarms.

Task1: Create a VM Alarm to Monitor a Condition.

We can do this, by selecting nw01-2 and going to alarms then new alarm the wizard starts.

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Task 2: Create a VM Alam to Monitor an Event

For this, we go into Alarm definitions in the Training Datacenter and create a new alarm using the wizard.

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Task 3: Trigger VM Alarms and Acknowledge the Alarms

We need to remote in the VM but first, we need to bring up the Triggered Alarms tab.

Now I need to run CPU Busy and wait for the alarm to be triggered. This is a 2 minute GIF that shows the process.

Now we need to reset the trigger to green.

Then we can see an event that shows the trigger was acknowledged

Now before I can do anything I need to wait for the VM to finish suspending.

Now it’s finished I need to power it on and stop the cpubusy program.

Task 4: Disable VM Alarms

Now we need to disable the alarms created.

First, going into Alarm definitions and clicking on VM CPU Usage – NW we just need to untick ‘Enable this alarm’

Now we need to disable the alarm at the Traning datacenter level.

Lab complete.


In this lab I looked at creating alarms and triggers for those alarms. This taught me a fair bit about how triggers worked, as I already had an understanding of alarms.

There seems to be a bit of an issue with the exercise in this lab though as cpubusy will trigger the CPU suspend trigger but when you un suspend it, CPU busy is still running and you end up in a suspending loop, so I just shutdown the machine.






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