VMware Lab 18: Monitoring VM Performance

In this lab, we will create a CPU Workload, use performance charts to monitor CPU utilization and undo changes made to the VMs

Task 1: Create CPU Workload

For this, I need to run cpubusy on both nw01-2 and nw01-3.

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Task 2: Use Performance Charts to Monitor CPU Utilization 

For this, we need to click on nw01-2go into Monitor then Performance and select advanced.

Now clicking the Chart Options link we need to verify the Chart Options and tick Ready and Used.

Now I need to open up VCSA in another tab and complete the same steps on nw01-3.

Now I need to record the CPU value of each VM.



Now I need to stop the script running on both VM’s and then look at the usage.



Now I am asked the question, did the cpu ready value change, and if it did, what is the reason for the change?

The change is really minimal and the reason for it is because they are in resource groups limiting their CPU usage, and being VM’s if they are already under a specific load before and after cpubusy we will not notice a load increase/decrease.

Task 3: Undo Changes Made to the VMs

Now I just need to undo what I have done and this lab is complete.

Which is Removing the Scheduling Affinity.

Lab complete.


This lab showed me how to monitor the CPU usage within VCSA which is really handy. I did not face any issue in this lab and it was rather enjoyable.



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