VMware Lab 17: Managing Resource Pools

Task 1: Create a CPU Contention

For this, we need to be using the cpubusy script, but my system does not have it, but I found it on the VMware website.

Dim goal
Dim before
Dim x
Dim y
Dim i
goal = 2181818
Do While True
before = Timer
For i = 0 to goal
x = 0.000001
y = sin(x)
y = y + 0.00001
y = y + 0.01

So I need to power on both VMs and then run this script on both.

Now I need to start them fingers crossed my script works.

I’m going to assume this is working.

Now I need to go to nw01-2 and edit settings.

I had to set the affinity to 1 on both VMS.

I’m also getting high CPU usage which means it must be working.

Task 2: Create Resource Pools

Now I can do this by right-clicking the ESXi host and selecting ‘New Resource Pool’


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Task 3: Verify Resource Pool Functionality 

In the Fin-test what is a number of shares? 2000

In the Fin-Prod what is the number of shares? 8000

Now I need to copy nw-01-2 into Fin-Prod and nw01-3 into Fin-Test

Now I need to monitor the results of the CPU script in each VM.

Question: What is the difference in performance?



Here we can see the performance difference since Fin-Prod allows high CPU the load of the app is running at 100% where on the nw01-3 VM the usage is still 99% but only using 50% because of the resource group.

Now I need to change the resource pool from low to normal on Fin-Test

Now I need to let the VM run for a few minutes then compare them again.



Now we can see there is a balance between the two in some sense.

Now we need to stop the script running on the VMs

Now I need to change Fin-Prof from high to normal.

Lab Complete.


This lab was good fun, learning how you can use resource groups to limit VM’s actual CPU usage to in a way protect the host from running out of memory.

I had an issue where I could not edit my VMs but this was because I had a task running that was using my VMs which I just needed to clear out.


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