VMware Lab 16: Managing vApps

In this lab, we will create a vApp, Power on a vApp

Task 1: Create a vApp

Before we can attempt anything we need to power off the two VM’s.

Now we can go into vApps and click ‘Create a New vApp’ and follow the setup.

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Now we can find out app listed under hosts and clusters.

Now right clicking the vApp we can create a new VM.

Now we can just follow the wizard.

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Now that we have our nw-App01 we need to create three clones of that.

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Now I need to repeat this process two more times.

Now answering the question of if I see four VMs, I do.

Now we need to edit the settings of the vApp and configure it to the Lab.

Task 2: Power on a vApp

Now I need to power on the vApp.

Question is: Do all the VM’s power on at the same time?

The VMs power up as per the sequence I created, this made me think I could use this for a system where you have the VMs boot which contains the foundations of the system then 120 seconds later the front end starts.

Task 3: Remove a vAPP

Now we need to delete the vApp.

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Lab complete.


This lab caused me no issues but taught me a lot about vApps.

They would be great for a system where the programs were on individual VMs and needed to be booted in a specific order and that’s where vApps come in.

Overall a good lab.




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