Vmware Lab 14: Migrating Virtual Machines

In this lab, we will migrate VM files from the local storage to the shared Storage, create a VM switch and a VMkernal port group for vSphere vMotion migration, perform a vSphere vMotion migration of a VM on a shared datastore and perform a shared-nothing vsphere vMotion migration.

Task 1: Migrate VM files from Local Storage to Shared Storage.

This task has already been completed when my hot swap VM was created.

Task 2: Create a Virtual Switch and a VMkernal Port Group for vSphere vMotion Migration

For this, we need to go into our ESXi host in the inventory and go into the Networking tab, and add a Virtual Switch.

I need to add a new adapter I so restarted it, but upon restarting my IQN group for my storage changed… so then all my VMs went offline. I changed the networking name as walah! it was fixed.

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Task 3: Perform a vSphere vMotion Migration of a Virtual Machine on a Shared Datastore,

First I need to power on any VM’s that may be off.

Now I need to edit the settings of the nw01-3 VM

Now I need to make sure all my VM’s match this configuration.

Once everything is confirmed matching we need to remote into nw01-3

Now before I can do anything I need my second ESXi host setup the same as my host 1

Now on my VM, I need to set a continues ping.

Now it’s time to migrate the VM.

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This worked, but it did fail the first time because the vMotion on my ESXi 2 was the same IP as my ESXi 1, and also I had to disable the CD drive on my VM for it to be able to vMotion.

Task 5: Prepare for the Next Lab

Now I need to migrate my VM back to the ESXi 01.

Lab complete.


This lab was AWESOME! I completely forgot to setup ESXi 2 as I was working but setting it up was a breeze after doing it on my ESXi01.

It was so cool to see the VM change from one ESXi to another with no drop out, it was really cool to see this first hand.


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