VMware Lab 13: Modifying Virtual Machines

In this lab, we will increase the size of a VMDK file, adjust memory allocation on a VM, rename a VM, add and remove a raw Lun on a VM and expand a thin-provisioned virtual disk

Task 1: increase the size of a VMDK File

We need to edit the settings of our hot clone and record the size of hard disk 1.

The lab wants me to increase the size to 12GB but mine is already 15GB so I will increase it to 20GB by typing 20 in the Hard disk 1 box.

Now we need to configure the client to see the space and extend the disk space.

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Task 2: Adjust Memory Allocation on a Virtual Machine

Before we can do this we need to shutdown our VM.

Now the VM is off we can upgrade the TAM to 2048MB

Now we need to check the summary to confirm the RAM has changed.

Task 3: Rename a VM in the vCenter Server Inventory

Now to rename the VM

Now we need to check what the name of the folder is within the datastore tab.

The folder name stayed the same, which makes sense as all we change was the name within vCenter.

Task 4: Add and Remove a Raw LUN on a VM

Here we need to edit the settings of nw01-2 and add an RDM Disk.

Now I have to select a LUN to point to.

And now it’s added I needed to change the compatibility mode to virtual.

And now I need to launch the VM and confirm I can see the new disk space.

After running a disk rescan I now see this.

In this lab, I do not need to reformat this drive.

Now I need to remove the storage from the VM after it’s powered off.

Task 5: Expand a Thin-Provisioned Virtual Disk.

We need to check the provisioned size of nw1-3 which we can see is the same as used space.

So we need to go into the summary of the nw01-3 VM and record information on capacity and location

Now before doing anything we need to shutdown the VM. Now I need to go into the Folder in storage and locate the .vmdk file. Here I can inflate the HDD

Now we can see the task being run.

After it has finished we can now check that the disk is now using its full amount.

Lab Complete.


This lab was pretty basic but I did have a little bit of a muck up.

My VM just crashed and would not boot and I had to recreate it hence the different disk size in the pictures above, but besides that, it was straight forward.





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