VMware Lab 12: Using Templates and Clones

In this lab, I will create a VM template, Create customization template, deploy a VM from a template and clone a powered-on VM.

Task 1: Create a VM Template

On the home page, I need to go into VM’s and Templates.

Now using my existing VM I then can click on convert to template.

Now it’s a template I need to move it to the Template folder.

And now I need to rename it to NW-Template

Task 2: Create Customization Specifications

We need to go into Policies and Profiles and create a new specification

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Task 3: Deploy a VM from a Template

Now we need to make a VM from the template made.

Now we need to give it a name and a location.

Now we need to assign it to run from my ESXi host.

And we are going to store it in the VMFS datastore.

And then selecting ‘Customize the operating system’ and ‘Power on VM after creation’

Then I need to select my CustomSpec I made.

I then need to create another one the exact same, so i’ll do that now.

Now I need to open a remote console for each of the VM’s when they have been created.

After one install my storage was full so I need to increase it.. by 50GB 😀

And here are my two VM’s

Task 4: Clone a Powered-On VM

Now we need to clone a running VM, we can do this by right clicking my VM and clicking Clone to VM.

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And then we wait for the clone to complete.

And now the VM has been created, this did take a lot longer doing it while it was hot.

Lab complete.


This lab was interesting to see how you could turn one VM you set up into a template and then create as many VMs as you want from that.

Hot cloning was an awesome thing to use, as I had no idea you could clone a running VM.

I did have one issue which was my storage ran out of space :O but extending LUNs was made easier from learning how to do it from the previous labs.




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