VMware Lab 8: Using vSphere Distributed Switches

Task 1: Create a Distributed Switch

In this, we need to go to networking and create the DVS

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Task 2: Add the ESXi Hosts to the New Distributed Switch

Now we need to add our hosts to the DVS

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Task 3: Examine Your Distributed Switch Configuration

Now we need to examine the created DVS

Here we can see the Uplink, now we need to confirm the properties are correct.

Then confirming the rest of the settings are not configured.

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Lastly, we need to check the port group, which is configured correctly.

Task 4: Migrate the Virtual Machines to a Distributed Switch Port Group.

To do this we need to go to our DVS and ‘Migrate VM to Another Network

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Now I need to confirm my Host is in the DVS.

And also my virtual machine.

Now we need to confirm that the Distributed Port Group is running as well as the Uplink Port Group.

Now we need to confirm that the VM has full network connectivity.


The connection is there.

Now we need to revert the DVS changes for the next lab.

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Lab Complete.


It’s all starting to get confusing, like am I making this stuff to get an understanding for it or am I actually going to be using it in the future labs?? I’m just taking things slow and making sure I follow each step.

I have not faced any issues, only things that catch me is that I don’t know if it wants me to use both ESXi hosts or just one.. It just says a single one in the book but the title says ‘hosts’.. confusing, but anyway the lab is complete and working.

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