VMware Lab 7: Using Standard Switches


Task 1: View the Standard Switch Configuration

First, we go to the networking tab of an ESXi host and select Virtual Switches

Q1: What is the name of the default standard switch?

The default switch is named vSwitch0

Q2: Which physical adapter is the default standard switch connected to?

 The physical adapter is named vmnic0

Q3: Which network is your virtual machine connected to?

The virtual machine is connected to the VM Network

Q4: Which networks are connected to the default standard switch?

Management Network and VM network.

Task 2: Create a standard Switch with a Virtual Machine Port Group

In the Virtual switches tab, we click the ‘Add host networking’ icon.

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NOTE: I did not name the switch right so I removed it and gave it its proper name.

Task 3: Attach Your Virtual Machine to the New Virtual Machine Port Group

Before I can add my VM to my VM switch I needed to create the VM, so this was a process because I had to mount the ISO from Talos onto my Virtual Host which then allowed me to install a Windows 8 Client.

So this is me mounting it via Talos VCS onto my ESXi host, then on my VM client I selected use host’s drive for install

Now my Virtual Virtual Virtual machine is installed.

Now back to the lab.

Now in the folder LabVMs I need to right click my VM and edit settings.

Once that’s done I need to connect to it and see if I can run an ipconfig /renew. This will not work as I don’t have DHCP on my server so i’m going to have to set that up.

Now I can run my renew command

Now let’s try to ping my machines on the network

Now after that crazy inception the lab is now complete.


This lab was really fun but it was pretty full on because;

  • I had to install a VM on my host using an ISO off of Talos
  • Create DHCP so my host could get an IP
  • Create a second NIC on my host for the second virtual switch

But besides that it all went well, kinda sketched out over my data-storage though, waiting for the lab to hook up my vSim 😀


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