VMware Lab 6: Creating Folders in vCenter Server Appliance

Task 1: Create a Host and Cluster Folder

In Host and Clusters, we can right click Training and create a new Host and Cluster Folder.

Now from here on, I’m a little confused because it says to drag “both” hosts into the folder, so I guess I’ll have to quickly create one more. So I’ll quickly go do that.

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I’ve already explained what I’ve just done, so I just took some screenshots of the process once again.

Now I have two, I moved them to the new folder.

Task 2: Create VM and Template Folders

Right clicking Training and creating a new VM and Template Folder.

And one more named Templates

Question: How do the menus differ?

The host and Clusters folder only supports Hosts/Clusters within them and the same with the VM/Template folder which only allows VM’s and Templates.

Lab Complete.


This lab was not too complicated, I only have one issue with it.

The lab mentioned moving VMs into the VM folder, and I don’t have any VM’s to move, none of the prior labs mentioned the creation of VM’s so I ignored it until they are needs, as then I will know what I need to create.


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