VMware Lab 4: Working with VCenter Server

The first part of this lab is about setting up the connection to the VCS server, which I have already done so I will begin at step 11 which is signing into the VCS Web client

Once logged in we need to navigate to the Administration > System Configuration > Nodes this will show my VCA object.

Now we need to navigate and manage the node and select the networking settings to point towards our DNS address, but I have already joined my domain from another lab so this step is not needed.

Task 2: Install vCenter Server Appliance and Host License Keys.

For this, we need to navigate to the Administration tab and select licenses tab.

And now we need to create a new license.

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Now we need to assign a license to my vCenter Server.

Task 3: Create a Data Center Object

This task is to simply create a Datastore.

We created one called Training and once it has been created you can see it located under the VC.

Task 4: Add Your ESXi Host to the vCenter Server Inventory

To add it I just right click the training data store and click add a new host. Also, I forgot to add the ESXi key before so I had to add it in here.

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Once the config has been completed you can see the task being performed.


Once it’s all complete we can check out the specs of the new host.

Task 5: Configure Your ESXi Host as an NTP Client

The first step of this is to go into the settings tab of the host and go to Time configuration.

In here can confirm the NTP Client is disabled and stopped and there are no defined NTP servers.

Now we can edit this to create an NTP Client.

And now we can confirm that we now have an NTP Client running.


Lab Complete.


I enjoyed this lab as I learned more about vSphere and how to configure an NTP server, which I never new about before.

I never had any issues with the lab, I always made sure that when entering an IP address like in the NTP server list I made sure that I could connect to it prior, it’s my little way of confirming what I already know haha.

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