VMware Lab 5: Using vSphere Web Client

Task 1: Navigate vSphere Web Client

First, we need to go to the VCS Web Client and log in.

Now I need to go to my datastore and view the details.

Task 2: Pin and Unpin Panes

Using the flash player version of vSphere I can see what the lab requires.

Using the pin icon on the menus moves the menu to the right.

Task 3: Hide the Getting Started Tabs

In the help menu, I can hide the

Task 4: Upgrade the Virtual Machine’s Hardware

Now we can now power off a virtual machine through VCS.

Now we need to shut down a VM and allow it to support the latest ESXi, as at the moment it only supports ESXi 6.0

Going to upgrade in the VM settings we can set the upgrade to support the latest version.

Now that is selected, when we start the VM back up the compatibility will change to the latest version.

Lab Complete.


This lab was running through the basics of VM management and also the web client.

It was good to see how you can upgrade the VM t support the latest ESXi , I had issues adding this because upon creation of this VM it already was at the highest support which then did not show the upgrade option.

After creating a new VM with a lower support the upgrade option showed.






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