Lab 13 HTTP and HTTPS

This lab will demonstrate how vulnerable HTTP is.

Exercise 1: Sniffing HTTP

First, we need to open the Server VM and go to IIS

Now going inside of Authentication we need to change the Anonymous Authentication and Basic Authentication.

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Now we need to switch to the Client VM and run Wireshark.

Now Wireshark is running, we now need to connect to http://server.classroom.local and log in via admin credentials. After signing in I need to close the website and stop Wireshark.


Now we need to scan through the HTTP packets and see what we can see.

Here you can see the packet clearly shows the credentials entered.

Exercise 2: Securing HTTP

Now we know how un secure HTTP is let’s secure it.

Now switching back to the Server VM and going back to IIS we need to create a self-signed certificate.


Now we need to add a binding.

And then force SSL.

Now it’s time to switch back to the Client VM and see what packets we can see.

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Now we connected to a ‘secure’ website none of our traffic information can be seen while using HTTPS.


I really enjoy these labs as you always here why HTTP is bad but never get shown examples why. Well now you can see exactly how unsafe HTTP really is.

I had a few issues with this lab because I had windows authentication on my ISS server from a previous lab, this was causing a kerberos encryption and was not showing the credentials, so I disabled that in the IIS manager.


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