Lab 12 Data Leakage Prevention

Exercise 1: Installing Rights Management Services

In this lab, we will be setting up Active Directory Rights Management Services.

First, we need to create a new user named ADRMS

Now we have created the user, we need to add him to the Domain Admins group.

Now that we have our user fully setup we can now install the Active Directory Rights Management Services Role.

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Now the role has been installed, we need to set it up.

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Now the service has been configured I need to give the server a quick restart.

Exercise 2: Exploring DLP Options

It is now time to implement a policy.

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Lab complete.


This lab did not cause me any issues but I would have liked to have an example of what I was doing, as in put the policy into action.

This lab still provided me with the knowledge of this service though and gives me a better understanding of Active Directory Roles, so that in its self is a bonus.



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