VMware Lab: Creating a Domain

In this VMware lab, I’ll be creating a Domain for my server, as well as connecting my Client VM to that Domain. This is the foundation for my VMware labs.

The content I will be covering in this lab is:

  • Naming a Server/Client
  • Creating a Domain
  • IP configuration

The first thing I always do on a new machine is to create a name for it as this saves any hassle after the DNS records are created when it becomes a Domain Controller.

Now that it has a name we need to assign an IP address to the server, this will determine the entire IP range used within this Lab. When creating my IP range I tend to stick with the classic 192.168.x.x, but for this, I want to switch to 10.1.x.x as I like this format more.

When I create my IP ranges I have some what of a rule and that is, all my servers etc are between 2.11 and then all my clients can have the range from there on. This works for me because in the class labs I never have 9 servers/file servers etc, so making that reserved range always works for me.

Now the server has a valid IP range, I can now promote it to a Domain Controller, I will also be installing DHCP at the same time.

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Now that the role has been installed, we can configure the Domain. What you will also see is that since we setup the name and IP address prior to DC promotion we were instantly hit with the green tick, as all setup was completed prior to promoting.

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And after a quick restart, we are greeted with the Domain log in screen.


Now the Domain exists, we can now add our pre existing Client to it. A quick note to add, if I had setup DHCP and the Client was on the same switch it would pick up the Domain upon installation which makes the task a lot quicker.

Since this Client already exists we need to do a few things:

  • Check the computer name
  • Set IP range to the Domain Controller
  • Connect to Domain

So to start we need to check if the Client VMs name is suitable.

We can see here it is “NM-Client-1” which does not actually follow the naming convention of what I want, so I will change this to NW-Client-1. Now the current name has an M instead of a W a simple letter can cause a massive headache when trying to sort DNS out etc etc.

Now that the name is fixed we can now set a static IP address so we can talk to the Domain Controller.

And a quick ping confirms we have a connection between the two VMs

Now it is time to connect to the domain. I do this through the system menu.


Now I need to enter the techdox domain credentials.

And just like that we are in.

Now one last thing is to check is the DNS records to make sure the Client has been automatically created, and in this case, it has.

And that completes the setup of the domain needed for the VMware labs.

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