Paypal Email Scam

Recently I have been getting Fraud emails from Paypal that will tell you a payment has been declined or similer, and that you need to fill out a form for them to fix it.

This form wants to know your Debit card infomation etc, I know this would set alarms off for most tech users but maybe not the average joe, hence the reason for this blog.

So what does it look like?

Looks legit right?

The first thing you should always check is who sent it, this will be the answer if it’s real or fake. (Take note that Paypal will never ask for your infomation like this, and you should always email them to make sure)


Look at that email address in the top left, FAKE! Delete the email and continue on with your day.

Post Author: Nicholas Wilkinson

I am a 3rd year Networking Major in my IT BIT degree. I have a passion for Cloud Computing and IOT devices.

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