Cloudformation Adjustments / Final Thoughts

So the inital template tends to be full of a few services that are unwanted, the first were 3 extra routes I ended up taking my code from 900 lines to around 800 and I changed the name of my EC2 instances from RDGW to nlwNET702



Amoung that I removed excessive Elastic IPs that were there, I have two instances but for some reason it created 5 so I removed the three and just kept the 2 needed for the EC2’s.

Besides that those are all the changes I made to my script, I put in some questions into AWS forum to try find some help about multi region but I had no luck at all trying  to find anyone that could help me with that.

The script had a IAM user already in the code, but for these to work it needed the account already setup, so I removed the code because it costs a bit to host these users so I just decided to remove the code, I will list the changes I did make.

  • Changed Instance size to Micro


  • Changed the default names
  • Removed exsessive routes
  • Removed exsessive EIP’s

My final thoughts on this assignment is that I really enjoy cloudformer and seeing as it’s still in BETA I would be interested to see how far it will go.

I use Cloudformer to launch LAMP servers that I created wordpress websites on, using cloudformer really allows me to create these web servers in no time, and now with my expericane from this course I have the experiance to edit the templates and adjust them to how I would like them to work.





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