CLoudformation success


My cloudformation worked!


From the above pictures, you can see the cloud formation running and creating the objects correctly.

I faced a lot of issues which are listed below.

  • Too many routes being created that were not needed for a number of gateways that existed.
  • Pre-existing objects were trying to relate to objects that did not exist
  • Not fully understanding what I was doing.

How I overcame these issues.

When my stack errored on creation because of the routes I checked the information about the error, and it was explaining to me the route did not have a destination point. I added one in and realised that it was also referencing a gateway that did no exist, so I just deleted the route. I continued deleting routes until it errored out on the IAM account creation which I deleted because it did not need to exist.

And last but not least I overcome my issue with not understanding the cloudformation by diving head first into it and not being afraid of failure!

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