Cloudformer status

So I have had some good luck with my template, but I’ll list the issues I have had.

At the start when you run cloud former against your structure it does not give you specific names, so how are you suppose to know what route belongs to what VPC etc. Lucky for me I have an empty AWS account so I selected everything so you would think that would work right?

So I ran my script (I’ll add photos etc in my next blog) and it gave me issues about routes not being connected to gateways so after going to each route and realising that it’s not linked to a gateway because it does not exist because I have two gateways and 6 routes… So I deleted the excessive routes and bam it works. I ran it and it nearly worked but errored out on IAM creation so I will look at that next and see what I neet to do to get passed that.

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