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In 2015 Yellow was part of the cloud boom that was happening in 2015 involving businesses moving from local infrastructure to the cloud.

Yellow compared many cloud providers to see who can provide them with the service they were looking for, they were looking for a company that automates their IT, use self-service features and a pay as you go feature, in the end, they chose AWS.

They also chose AWS because, and I quote “It was clear AWS was the right fit for Yellow New Zealand because of its industry experience, flexibility of service, enhanced security, and platform maturity” – Rob Hayden Cloud infrastructure manager at Yellow New Zealand

The benefits Yellow have found by using AWS is CloudFormation to quickly deploy applications also using Lambda to assist with CloudFormation code. They use EC2 instances to automate new code before release and they use IAM to create platforms for their traditional infrastructure staff who are not completely familiar with a cloud infrastructure.

Yellow moving to AWS has not only given them a solid and robust cloud infrastructure, but it also gave them a greater price to performance step up. Instead of taking weeks to release a digital product it happens on minutes and to date Yellow New Zealand have migrated six production application to AWS e.g. Yellow and White pages online as well as the phone apps.

Another quote from Yellow:

“In migrating Yellow and White Online—our core applications—to AWS, we gained a world-class application delivery capability built on the latest technologies and best practices,” says Hayden. “We leveraged the scalability and resiliency of the AWS platform to establish a cost-effective solution to meet our rapidly changing requirements. By using AWS, Yellow New Zealand can focus on developing digital products instead of maintaining an on-premises environment, enabling the company to deliver continuous product improvements while easily scaling to handle millions of searches across our online and mobile applications.”

AWS allowed them to create a state of the art infrstructure without having to pay upfront costs for physical hardware,  at the time of writing this blog Yellow New Zealand have moved six production applications to Amazon Web Services.

So in conclusion AWS have provided Yellow with a top global standard infrastructure that is saving them money and improving performance, AWS have provided Yellow with many opportunities not available from other vendors such as Cloudformation.

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