AWS Cloud Quick Start – in progress

In this assignment my goal is to create an Active Directory Domain Service running via cloud formation of a specific infrastructure.

I start this by following a quick start guide on AWS which is laid out in a series on steps.


Clicking ‘Launch for new VPC’ takes me to the create a stack screen

2. The second step I am told to keep my default settings and choose next.


3. On step three I notice that when filling in information needed a few instances were not in my free tier range, and I could not choose ones that were.


I understand the reasoning for this but I want to be able to see if I can use a micro tier instead even though it’s not listed, so I went back to the template and this time in the designer view to change some lines.

So I found where the remote desktop 1 and 2 were located and I looked at their input information.net3


I then made my changes


I don’t know if this will work down the road but it’s worth trying to do anyway to save my precious credits.

I then went back and gave my stack a name ‘NLW-AD-DS’, and placed it in the zone ‘ap-southeast-2a’ and chose my new instance types.


I then set the name of the computers from RDGW1/2 to NLWG1/G2 as well as my domain name to and my bucket name to nlwaddsbucket with the prefix nlw-net702-adds.


This failed because it could not find a bucket I was referencing, I thought it was going to make it… So I quickly made one and re ran the template.

Then I found out I don’t mess with the bucket and leave it default


Now it’s creating! I shall now wait….

DAMMIT! My t2.micro is not allowed!





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