Lab 10: Configuring DNS with Route 53

Adding a Domain name to my servers make it more accessible through the web, instead of remembering the IP address you just need to know the domain name eg.

Note: I have never done this before. When I assign a domain name to a web server I just point the domain name to the IP address so this will be interesting.

First, we start by going to Route 53 and creating a hosted zone


Now I need to specify my domain name, I am using one I already own, So I am hoping records in my domain are not going to interfere with this Lab.


Now my Hosted Zone has being created I need to go to my Domain Registrar and edit the Name Servers, mine is located at


So I have added my new name servers, it’s throwing up warnings but I’ll carry on.


Now back to AWS I need to go to AWS Route53 and create a new Record set.




Now I have made this and pointed it to my Load Balancer I need to wait for a DNS change and see what happens.

I’ve very curious on how this is going to work, I understand I changed my name server from Free Parking to AWS then told AWS links to the dino store Load balancer but it just seems like an extra step that does not need to be made.

I just need to sit tight and wait for the TTL to tick over.

A few hours later I found a website that can show me where is pointing too.


The name servers have changed and it’s pointing to my Load balancer. Just need my DNS to change so I can see it.



It’s a screenshot from my phone on Data as using local wifi everything is still stored locally. I was inpatient and wanted to know if it was up 😀







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