Lab 9: Enabling Auto Scale to Handle Spikes and Troughs

Auto scaling is a web service that can launch or terminate EC2 instances automatically.

First I must go into the AWS EC2 dashboard and into auto scaling.


Now I can create my Auto scaling group.

First I selected the instance, in this case, my Webserver


I gave it a name and selected my Webserver role.


Review and launch.


Now I must create an auto-scaling group. I have chosen to subnets so the instance starts in both.




Now looking at the below GIF you can see it’s changing between three IP addresses. QgcxsL7 - Imgur.gif

Now I have shut down my two original servers, this is what I see.

oNr9fCe - Imgur.gif

(GIF From a friend who tested for me).

Below you can see my two original servers have been shut off. I also had to delete my main Techdox server as I was only allowed 5 instances, I made an image of it though!


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