Lab 5: Adding EC2 Virtual Machines and Deploying the Web App

In this lab, we will start by creating a policy in IAM.

I am creating the Policy by using the Generator


Then I created the policies needed.


I now need to create a new role inside of IAM that


Now I get to make an INSTANCE!!!  I will create a Windows Server 2012 R2 using free tier.


Now the WebServer has been created I need to create an instance for the queueing. This will also be a Windows 2012 Server.


Now the instances have been created I just need to wait for them to get the all clear.


Now I need to Remote into my WebServer.


Now I need to install IIS and asp.NET 4.5, HTTP connectors and windows authentication role services.


Now I need to publish the Dino store as a file system.


Now I need to move theses files to my Webserver


Now my files are on my Webserver I can now convert it to an application


Now the website files are in place I need to allow Web security groups to access RDS groups, this is done in the VPC dashboard.


Now on the Webserver, I need to remove my plain text keys from ‘Web.config’


Now using this link I am able to get temp credentials.


Time to set the website is working!


And now on a public IP


It’s alive!

Now to sort the order processing app.

First I need to release it, publish it and then transfer it to my cloud server.


Now the program is on the server I need to put the setup.exe shortcut into startup then run it.


I did encounter an issue here where the program would not install, The issue was when I copied the files over AWSSDK.dll.deploy did not copy over, so a quick read over the error sheet was a quick fix.

When I go to check out I get this.


And I found out the issue! I was missing .dll files… Copy and paste to RDP is pretty dodgy


That one really had me on edge! but it’s just a matter of slowing down and reading what I was doing.

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