Lab 3: Using DynamoDB as a Session State Provider

First off I need to create a DynamoDB.

The session table was creating using documentation from the lab, from the name to the Session ID.


I need to check that in my solution I have specific AWS packages installed which I can check in the NuGet.

I had to install the .NET packages and the iQuery package.


I now need to make some tweaks to my code, first on Web.config

I need to change the default session state to match my AWS account, this involved me creating a user key to be able to put into my code… IN PLAIN TEXT ARGH!


Now I need to go to shoppingCart.cs and add [Serialzable] to the public class.”

“To serialize an object means to convert its state to a byte stream so that the byte stream can be reverted back into a copy of the object” –


Now any items that are in my cart will show up in the AWS Dynamo Table.






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