Lab 1: Provisioning Durable storage

In this lab, I had to create an S3 bucket that will host the web store content (Images, HTML files, CSS etc) I am talking in past tense because I have already completed this lab so I will be covering what I have done and how I completed it and the issues I encountered.

I first needed to create two S3 Buckets named “dinostoreresources’ and “dinostoredegraded” seeing as these names need to be unique I added my initials into the bucket name.


In dinostoreresources I need to create the following folders to contain the site’s files, Below I will post the files created and also the files uploaded into their folders.

  • Site Images
  • Product Images
  • css
  • js
  • Configurations


Before I could upload the bootstrap.css file I had to change the URL of the images, so instead of pointing to a local directory, they are looking at my S3 buckets.

css code.PNG

cssimage 2imagesjs


I tweaked the index file so the web store was a bit more personalized


Now I need to make the bucket that is hosting my index file public and it act as a website.


Now everything I need is in the cloud I can change the Site1.master file and edit the sources to look at my S3 bucket.

image 3.PNG

I’ll also note for any of this to work I had to make not only the index public but the resource bucket as well.

I then had to change the links in MySQL for my images to point to my S3 bucket.


Now it’s time to run the project and check that these images really are in the cloud.


I did encounter a few issues that were caused by me, I was trying to see the website and it was not loading. reason being I did not make all the files public. even though I made the bucket public the files inside were not. Besides that this lab was straight forward.




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